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Ibiza Disco Tickets, an established local company of highly experienced professionals in the entertainment and music industry, launched Ibiza's very first ONLINE BOOKING PLATFORM where you can secure club tickets to all major events in Ibiza, through a DEPOSIT PAYMENT.
You will secure the right to your preferred club ticket and pay the difference at the pick up of your ticket(s) on the island.

Ibiza Disco Tickets business philosophy based on honesty, efficiency and effort guarantee the best solution to your clubbing needs, involving: refunds, exchange deposit, fee and ticket, through their efficient sales service, knowhow, professional advice and exclusive deals with the most important promotors, clubs and media in Ibiza.

Ibiza Disco Tickets advantages:

- You are NOT charged the whole price, just 5 EURO DEPOSIT.
- You can change the ticket anytime, without giving up your deposit.
- Credit cards are accepted in Ibiza Disco Tickets sales points
- You pay the cheapest price on the spot, incl. strong discounts on door prices.
- NO overbooking issues (Tickets 100 % available)
- NO queuing necessary, quick entry throuhg priority queus at the venues.
- 100 % guaranteed FULL TICKET PRICE, as displayed in the website
- FREE DELIVERY SERVICE to your door, on request !!
- Further discounts, free drinks, happy hours, gadgets, giveaways and much more
  await you in our bars

Ibiza Disco Tickets

Ibiza Disco Tickets Outlets

Ibiza Disco Tickets OUTLETS:

address: Ibiza Port, Ibiza Town
             (opposite the port, middle of the nightlife district)
contact: Raul Madotti
phone: + 34 630 355 949
address: Ibiza Port, Ibiza Town
contact: Omar Beccchi
phone: + 34 617 628 967
address: Ibiza Port, Ibiza Town
             (front of the port, middle of the nightlife district)
contact: Alberto Bellini
phone: + ---
address: Carrer de castelar, Ibiza Port, Ibiza Town
Riccardo de Vicari -
phone: +34 666 106 159
address: Carrer de Playa d'en Bossa, Playa d'en Bossa
contact: Maurizio Pinto -
phone: +34 650 728 484
address: Edificio Xaloc, Local 1, Cala de Bou, San Antonio Bay
(in front of Hotel S'Estanyol)
contact: William Holman
phone: + ---
Disco Ticket Point Ibiza Avenida Pedro Matutes Noguera 22, Figueretes
(in front of Lido Apartments)
contact: Oreste Carpi,
phone: +34 609 619 628
Disco Ticket Point Ibiza Edificio Gemini, Carretera de Playa d'en Bossa, Playa d'en Bossa (next to BoraBora)
contact: Fabio Santangelo,
phone +34 619 459 433
Disco Ticket Point Ibiza Carrer de Castelar, Ibiza port, Ibiza Town
(next to El Divino Cafe)
contact: Christophe Alquier,
phone +34 630 719 921
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